Attention spans on mobile phones are very low making how fast your mobile website loads a very important factor when designing and launching your mobile site. In fact according to computerware 74% of users are only willing to wait five seconds or less for a single web page to load before leaving the site. If your mobile website takes too long to load your visitors will end up leaving yours for a competitors. Luckily there are a bunch of different ways you can speed up your mobile website.

With a mobile website less is more. The less files you require your mobile viewer to download the faster the site will load. Find out what your visitors want most when visiting your mobile website and remove all of the other fluff. You can try asking your visitors yourself what their looking for when they come to your mobile website or install analytic software to see where your users are clicking. Use this information to narrow down what is needed  and what is just wasting space. Limiting  the content on your mobile website is not the only way to improve website speed.

Optimizing the code on your mobile website is one of the first steps you should take when attempting to speed up your load times. Remove unnecessary JavaScript libraries and try to keep the ones you do need to a minimum. If you are using a JavaScript library for only one or two functions see if you can accomplish its functions with another JavaScript library you rely more heavily on, so that you can discard the other. Minimizing CSS and JavaScript files will also help speed up load times. By removing extra white space, line breaks and comments in your CSS and JavaScript files your website will load faster. Try to keep the number of images on your mobile website to a minimum and for those you do need remember you do not need as large an image, because mobile screens are much smaller. Just reducing your image sizes can help increase mobile websites load times. If you really want to boost performance you can group multiple images into a single encoded file by using image sprites.

Hopefully you learned a few ways you can improve your mobile websites speed. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about how improve your mobile websites speed.